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If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone or something else, you could be entitled to compensation for the costs linked to your injury including medical bills and lost work value.

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Whether or not you are entitled to damages is determined by how the law and case precedent applies to the unique facts and circumstances of your case. Working with a personal injury attorney to assess your case and the value of your claim is the best way to ensure that your damages are covered, and you and your family are not left covering the related bills in the future.

With decades of combined experience representing the interests of injured persons, RHW Law is here to advocate for the best possible outcome on your case. Reach out to us for a risk-free consultation on your personal injury case, and read on to learn more about common causes of personal injury, and how your personal attorney from RHW Law can help.

Your Attorney Steps into Your Shoes and Handles the Entire Process

When you have been injured and are trying to recover, the last thing you want to do is learn the law, local case precedents and procedure, then how to apply them to the unique facts and circumstances of your case. The process begins with collecting evidence in support of your claim, then drafting a claim that is formatted correctly and includes the proper evidence to support your damages. The claim is then submitted to the insurance company, where it may be approved or denied. If it is approved for a lesser amount, your attorney negotiates on your behalf, and if it is wrongfully denied, your attorney will file suit on your behalf to collect what you deserve.

With a personal injury attorney on your case, you can sit back and focus on recovering from your injuries while your attorney takes over and handles the entire process for you, from collecting evidence through collecting on your full compensation.


Motor Vehicle Collisions are Common Sources of Personal Injury

When you are injured in any kind of accident that is someone or something else’s fault, you could be entitled to compensation. One of the most common sources of at-fault accidents that injured persons are able to recover compensation from is motor vehicle collisions. This is because motorists are required to be insured, and if someone causes an accident, their insurance company will generally be responsible for the associated damages. The same goes for injuries at retail locations like a slip-and-fall, as we’ll discuss below.

You will generally be pursuing your damages from an insurance company, and your Austin personal injury attorney from RHW Law has worked with the major insurance companies and their lawyers in your area, and know how to negotiate a fair outcome on your behalf. For example, some injuries become more severe over time, and may require ongoing medical treatment and could even impact your ability to work.

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Your Attorney Accurately Measures Your Total Damages

You can only be compensated for damages that you claim and support with related evidence. If you were in a motor vehicle collision and hit your head, immediately after the accident you might have a cut on your forehead and a headache. Motor vehicle collisions are leading causes of traumatic brain injuries, which happen when your head experiences a bump, blow, or penetrating wound. The emergency room treats the cut and provides you with a bill, then the insurance company offers you a settlement that covers your emergency room bills. You might not know that your brain tissue was also damaged in the accident, and the related symptoms will worsen in time, requiring ongoing medical care while keeping you from earning as much as you used to.

If you accept a settlement without first fully calculating your damages, you will be left to pay the bills in the future as a settlement cuts off your ability to collect anything further. Your personal injury attorney collects the evidence you need and schedules the follow-up appointments necessary to accurately and fully measure the damages associated with your injury.


If You were Injured in a Slip-and-Fall, You Could be Entitled to Damages

Injuries from slip-and-falls are especially common in retail locations. If you had a slip-and-fall injury in a retail location, you could be entitled to compensation as retailers have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for shoppers. When a condition is in place that makes the premises more dangerous, or a condition is not proactively warned against, and you are injured, you are entitled to compensation. The unique facts and circumstances surrounding your injury, and any related records of the incident, will be collected by your attorney in support of your case.

Knowing when you are entitled to compensation can be difficult to determine without a thorough knowledge of the law and case precedent. Your local Austin personal injury attorney applies the outcomes of recent, similar cases to support the best possible outcome in your case.


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Working with a personal injury attorney will help to ensure that you recover the full costs associated with your injury, so that you and your family aren’t left covering the bills in the future. The insurance company has full-time teams of claim analysts and attorneys working against your claim, trying to pay as little as possible, if anything at all. Having an attorney by your side helps to even the playing field, and ensure that you receive what you are entitled to.

For a risk-free consultation on your personal injury to discuss options on your case, schedule a consultation with RHW Law today!

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When am I entitled to compensation for my personal injury?

You are entitled to compensation for the costs associated with injuries that were caused by someone or something else. Generally, this happens when another party, like another driver or a store or movie theater, violates some duty that is owed to you, and as a result you are injured. For example, drivers on the road have a duty to drive responsibly, which includes paying attention to the road and driving sober. If a driver makes the decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, or when texting, they are violating their duty to others on the road and if they cause an accident they will be liable for the damages. Your local personal injury attorney will assess the facts surrounding your accident to determine who is liable for your damages.

What are common causes of personal injury that I can collect damages on?

Common personal injuries that we have helped our clients collect total compensation for include motor vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, ride-share accidents, and even assaults. Your injury must have resulted in damages, and when proven with evidence, you are able to collect compensation for the full costs associated with your injuries, including both medical expenses and any impact your injuries might have upon your ability to work.

How much is my personal injury worth?

The value of your personal injury is calculated by determining the impact of your injuries on your health in the long-term and any associated costs, as well as the impact of your injuries on your ability to work. If your injuries limit your ability to work and earn for your family, you are entitled to compensation equal to the change in your earnings ability from the time of your injury through your working life. The amount you are able to collect on your injury is also impacted by the outcomes of similar cases, known as case precedent. Your personal injury attorney will carefully analyze the circumstances of your injury and collect the evidence you need to prove you damages.

How long will my claim take to process?

After you have been injured and pursued emergency medical care, the process of estimating your damages, then effectively pursuing them, begins. This starts with collecting follow-up opinions and evidence from medical and occupational experts who measure the impact of your injury and its symptoms on your long-term health and working ability. While experts can take many calls and many months to schedule on your own, your local personal injury attorney has an established network of professionals to refer you to. While the process can take a while, it moves much quicker with an experienced personal injury attorney on your case who knows the process and procedure.

How much will my personal injury attorney from RHW Law cost me?

If RHW Law takes your case, you will pay nothing up-front, and nothing out-of-pocket. Our personal injury attorneys take cases on contingency, which means they are only paid if they win on your case, out of a portion of the earnings you agree upon ahead of time. Reach out now for your risk-free, no-cost consultation to determine the best options on your case and how your personal injury attorney from RHW Law can help you collect what you deserve.

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